Thurston Howell Band: Your Premier Yacht Rock Spectacular

Dr. Artemis Thatch

Dr. Artemis Thatch

Dr. Artemis Thatch, the saxophonist of Thurston Howell, is as renowned for his healing touch as he is for his soul-stirring saxophone solos. His journey from the halls of medicine to the stages of yacht rock is a tale of passion, healing, and the universal language of music.

Born in the vibrant city of San Francisco, Artemis was a child prodigy in both medicine and music. His parents, a doctor and a classical musician, instilled in him a love for healing and harmony. Artemis excelled in his medical studies, driven by a deep desire to help others. Yet, amidst the rigorous demands of medical school, he found solace in his saxophone, an instrument that spoke to his soul.

Artemis’ approach to music was much like his approach to medicine – empathetic, precise, and deeply intuitive. He saw parallels between the art of healing and the art of music; both required an understanding of rhythm, whether it be the rhythm of a heart or the rhythm of a melody.

His life took a turn when he encountered Captain J.P. “Silky” Lents and First Mate Cam Love during a charity event. Their music, a blend of soothing yacht rock and intricate jazz, resonated with Artemis’ dual nature as a doctor and a musician. He knew then that his destiny lay not only in medicine but also on the stage, with Thurston Howell.

Joining the band, Artemis brought a new depth to their sound. His saxophone was not just an instrument; it was a voice that spoke of joy, sorrow, and the healing power of music. His solos were more than just melodies; they were stories told through the whispers of reeds and the breath of life.

In his collaboration with Professor Newland Archer, the band’s bassist, Artemis found a kindred spirit, someone who appreciated the finer nuances of music and life. His musical dialogues with Activities Director Leona Love were electrifying, their interplay a dance of rhythm and melody. And his technical discussions with drummer Phineas Wigglesworth IX bridged the world of science and art.

Dr. Artemis Thatch is more than a musician; he is a healer of hearts and souls. His saxophone is his stethoscope, diagnosing the emotional needs of his audience and prescribing a melody for every ailment. In Thurston Howell, he has found a place where his two passions – medicine and music – coexist in perfect harmony.


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