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Activities Director Leona Love

Leona Love: The Enchanting Voice of Thurston Howell

Leona Love, renowned as the melodious heartbeat of Thurston Howell, graces each performance with her enchanting vocals and magnetic stage presence. Born into a family deeply rooted in the vibrant music scene of New Orleans, Leona was destined to shine in the world of music, alongside her partner, First Mate Cam Love.

A Melodic Beginning in New Orleans

Leona’s journey in music began in the jazz-soaked ambiance of her hometown. Growing up in a musical household, she was immersed in a world where jazz was not just a genre but a way of life. Her parents, both skilled musicians, nurtured her budding talent, leading her to discover her true passion for singing. Her voice, rich and soulful, became her instrument, echoing the deep emotional resonance of the jazz legends she admired.

Finding Her Harmony in Yacht Rock

While Cam delved into the strings of his guitar, Leona explored the vast realm of vocal harmony. She honed her skills, blending the intricate nuances of jazz with the smooth, laid-back essence of ’70s yacht rock bands. In these genres, Leona found her unique voice – one that could tell stories and evoke emotions with each note.

Joining Thurston Howell

Leona’s path converged with Thurston Howell when she joined forces with Cam and Captain J.P. “Silky” Lents. In the band, Leona’s vocal artistry came to the forefront, adding depth and warmth to their sound. Her ability to convey the essence of yacht rock through her singing became a cornerstone of the band’s identity.

Creating Musical Synergy

Leona’s partnership with Cam transcended their personal bond, creating a musical synergy that became the soul of Thurston Howell. Her interactions with the drummer, Phineas Wigglesworth IX, added a dynamic rhythm to her melodies. With Professor Newland Archer on the bass and Dr. Artemis Thatch on the saxophone, Leona’s voice found a harmonious canvas to paint its stories.

More Than a Singer

In Thurston Howell, Leona Love is more than a singer; she is a storyteller, a muse, and a beacon of emotional expression. Her songs are not just performances; they are experiences that transport audiences to a place where every note is a wave of emotion, every lyric a journey of the heart.

As Leona continues to enchant audiences with Thurston Howell, her voice remains a testament to her love for music, her dedication to her craft, and her unwavering connection to the soulful rhythms of yacht rock.


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