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Professor Newland Archer


Professor Newland Archer, the bassist of Thurston Howell, is a figure as renowned for his intellectual prowess as he is for his musical talent. His journey from academia to the yacht rock scene is a tale of passion, curiosity, and the relentless pursuit of harmony, both in knowledge and in music.

Born in the historic corridors of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Newland was a prodigy in both intellect and music. He grew up surrounded by books and theories; his parents were distinguished Harvard professors. While his days were spent in the pursuit of knowledge, his evenings were devoted to the bass guitar, an instrument that resonated with his analytical mind and soulful heart.

Newland’s foray into music was as much an academic pursuit as it was an artistic one. He studied the theory behind music, delving into the intricacies of harmony, rhythm, and melody. His approach to the bass was methodical yet creative, each note a careful choice in the complex equation of songwriting.

Despite a flourishing academic career, Newland’s heart longed for the stage. His decision to join Thurston Howell was a leap from the secure world of academia into the unpredictable sea of music. It was here, amidst the smooth tunes of yacht rock, that Newland found his true calling.

Joining forces with Captain J.P. “Silky” Lents, First Mate Cam Love, and Activities Director Leona Love, Newland brought a unique element to Thurston Howell. His bass lines were not just the backbone of their music; they were intricate narratives, weaving together the threads of melody and rhythm.

Newland’s collaboration with Leona, in particular, created a rhythm section that was both tight and expressive. His intellectual banter with Dr. Artemis Thatch, the band’s saxophonist, brought a depth to their musical conversations. And his technical discussions with Phineas Wigglesworth IX, the drummer and engineer, bridged the gap between science and art.

As a professor turned musician, Newland Archer is a testament to the power of following one’s passion. His bass guitar is his lectern, his music a lecture in the art of yacht rock. He teaches not just through words, but through the language of music, his melodies a symphony of knowledge and emotion.

In Thurston Howell, Professor Newland Archer has found more than a band; he has discovered a family of like-minded souls, each dedicated to the craft of creating music that touches the heart and stirs the mind.


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